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        Keywords : Intelligent tuning fork online density meter      Intelligent differential pressure online density meter

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        Intelligent differential pressure online density meter

        Vertical pipe type differential pressure density meter

        Vertical pipe type differential pressure density meter

        Model : WS3051MD—07
        Format : Vertical pipe type
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        一、Product introduction

        WS3051MD—07 Vertical pipe type differential pressure density meter for automatic measurement instrument of various liquid or liquid mixtures of on-line measurement of the density. Is a kind of instrument for field measurement of liquid density continuous online, can be directly used in the process of industrial production. The intelligent on-line density meter adopts advanced technology, including: a capacitor type high precision differential pressure sensor and a pair of pressure relay which is connected with the production process. A temperature sensor is arranged between the two pressure relays to compensate for the temperature variation of the process fluid. When vertical pipe type differential pressure density meter is working, the liquid density can be continuously measured online, and the process can be directly used for the control of the production process. Adopting the integrated two wire transmitter structure, no moving parts are easy to install and use, and the maintenance is simple; the belt cleaning device can be cleaned regularly to ensure the accuracy of the use.

        二、Operational principle

        WS3051MD—07 Vertical pipe type differential pressure density meter is a high precision differential pressure transmitter. Its working principle: liquid column pressure and the fixed height is proportional to the density of liquid.


            In the formula: P——liquid column pressure and the fixed height

                                 ρ——the density of liquid

                                 h——height of liquid column

        According to the pressure measuring pressure value in measuring acceleration of gravity with known height of liquid column under the condition, can be measured liquid density.

        三、Technical characteristics

        Measurement range

        0.000 - 3.000 g/cm

        0.000 - 3000 kg/cm3

        (Users can freely choose the measurement range

        Calibration range

        0.500 - 3.000 g/cm

        500 - 3000 kg/cm3

        (According to the user selected)

        Measurement accuracy

        ±0.01 g/cm3、±0.005 g/cm3、±0.002 g/cm3

        (User choose for accuracy)

        ±0.0005 g/cm3 (±0.5 kg/m3)
        Operating temperature range


        (Different medium temperature is optional, divided into low temperature, normal temperature, high temperature type)

        Maximum working pressure
        Fluid viscosity range
        0 -20000 cP
        Temperature coefficient
        <0.1kg/cm3/℃ (after correction)
        Pressure influence
        Built-in temperature sensor
        Liquid materials
        316L, Hastelloy C-276, tantalum, titanium, PTFE polyethylene (special Aussino)
        The fork body coating
        Power supply
        24VDC, ≥500 mA
        Intelligent signal output
        Display mode
        HD backlight LCD display meter

        Output accuracy


        ±0.5% or ± 0.2%FS

        Output repetitive

        (-40 ~+85℃)

        Process connection
        Flange type (size can be customized according to the site or the user's own requirements)
        Protection grade
        Aluminum Alloy
        Explosion-proof type
        EXd II CT4/5/6

        四、Product features 

        1. The differential pressure vertical pipe type density meter is suitable for flowing or still liquid, which is suitable for tank and container installation.

        2. Using the two wire transmitter integrated structure, no moving parts, simple maintenance.

        3. Continuous online measurement of liquid density and temperature, without interruption of the process can be directly used in the production process control.

        4. Five digit LCD display.

        5.Temperature and density two parameters can be displayed at the same time, for industry standard density conversion.

        6. There are several different kinds of density of the touch liquid material, according to the site to select the material to meet the needs of different.

        7. Excellent overvoltage protection structure, superior temperature stability, the whole welding seal, design firm and reliable.

        8. Suitable for the measurement of high temperature and low temperature, high viscosity of the medium containing impurities.

        9. fixed sensor diaphragm design, factory calibration, convenient site configuration.

        10. Easy to install and use ,density meter of  two probes contact the liquid to display the reading.

        11. Simplified maintenance, no regular cleaning (viscosity of the medium to be cleaned regularly or down time).

        12. Online density meter calibration without standard reference source, no laboratory calibration, no process interrupt.

        13.Intrinsically safe type and explosion proof type can be used for dangerous scene. Sanitary type mainly installed in food or pharmaceutical production field.

        五、 Installation requirements

                Due to the need for the process, the vertical pipe type differential pressure density meter is often installed in the relatively poor working conditions of the site, as far as possible in order to reduce the density meter working conditions deteriorated, should try to install in small changes in temperature gradient and temperature, no shock and vibration of the place, no air bubbles.Only considering the specific conditions of the site, to make the accuracy index. Pay attention to the following items when installing:

        u The product must be installed vertically and vertical to the ground not more than 5 degrees (such as not installed vertically, or the local acceleration of gravity deviates from the standard   acceleration of gravity, will result in bias, the following will introduce how to eliminate the  resulting deviation.

        u The side of the installation must ensure that the level of direction, density meter equipped with a level, convenient for users to install.

        u After opening the cover of the electric box, the reinstallation should be tightened to ensure close contact with the sealed O type ring, If not tightened, the moisture will enter the  electrical box, the impact of the normal operation of the circuit.

        u The density meter of the shell must be effectively grounded.

        u The installation position as far away from the inverter or high power motor, when necessary to take isolation measures, the use of shielded power cable.

        u After installation, empty tube or empty tank, then zero calibration, the density value is displayed as 0g/cm3.

        六、Wiring way

              Differential pressure type online density meter measuring field wiring diagram.

        七、Application fields

        u Sugar and wine industry: Squeeze the juice, syrup, Grape Juice, lime juice, alcohol density GL, molasses, hexane / ethanol interface, etc.

        u Dairy industry :milk, lactose, cheese, dry cheese, lactic acid, etc.

        u Mining industry: coal, potash, brine, phosphate, calcium compounds, limestone, copper and  gold, etc.

        u Oil refining industry: lubricating oil, aromatic agent, fuel oil, vegetable oil, etc.;

        u Food processing industry: tomato juice, grape juice, lemon juice, tomato sauce, molasses, vegetable oil, syrup, fruit jelly, jam, etc.

        u Pulp and paper industry: black paste, green pulp, pulp washing, evaporator, caustic etc.;

        u Beverage processing: beer, soft drinks, wine, Instant Coffee ,etc.

        u Chemical: caustic soda, acid, urea, cleaning agent, polymer density, ethylene glycol, sodium  chloride, sodium hydroxide, etc.

        u Petrochemical: natural gas, oil and gas washing, kerosene, lubricants, oil / water interface, etc.

        Tel : +86.756.8630378
        Website : www.ebizchronicle.com
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