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        Keywords : Intelligent tuning fork online density meter      Intelligent differential pressure online density meter

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        Intelligent online concentration meter

        Side mounted type concentration meter

        Side mounted type concentration meter

        Model : WS3051MD一ND38
        Format : The top of insert type / The side wall of insert type
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        一、Product introduction

        WS3051MD一ND38 Side mounted type tuning fork concentration meter has been widely used in industrial field, it is not afraid of hanging, not afraid of the impact, high sensitivity. It using tuning fork "resonance" principle, piezoelectric element is electrically driven by vibration, only probe rod surrounded by material surrounded by the amplitude of vibration is sharply reduced, resulting in switching action.

        二、Operational principle

        WS3051MD一ND38 Side mounted type tuning fork concentration meter is designed according to the theory of resonance. The vibration components is similar to two teeth of the tuning fork, the fork body vibration because of a piezoelectric crystal was located in the root of tooth, vibration frequency is detected by a piezoelectric crystal , through shifting the phase and amplifying circuit, the fork body is stable in the natural resonant frequency.

        When the liquid flows through the fork body, vibration changes, caused the change of resonant frequency, thus through electronic processing unit to calculate accurate density value. The relationship between vibration frequency and density as:


                     In the formula:  ρ--liquid density                        

                                            T--vibration period of sensor output                                             

                                            K0,K1,K2--sensor’s constant, it is calibrated at the factory    

        According to measured medium density relation with concentration, shows the concentration of the medium on the 

        basis of the standard manual conversion.

        三、Technical characteristics

        WS3051MD一ND38 Side mounted type tuning fork concentration meter with based on microprocessor electronic switching device, signal processing, calculation and diagnosis function in a body. Besides with convincing accuracy of measurement and reliability. It can direct communicate with PC through RS485 or Hart interface, under the software environment for professional users, the user can direct set the online node configuration, fault diagnosis and data records. When measuring density and temperature, it also can calculate the basic density.°API, brix and concentration ratio, mass ratio, volume fraction and so on.

        WS3051MD一ND38 Side mounted type tuning fork concentration meter can be installed directly on the tank and pipeline. Measuring the fluid viscosity of this density can be as high as 20000 cP which is one of the most striking aspects of its superior to other similar products, and it also has a very high cost performance. 

        四、Product features 

        1. Strong adaptability: the different electrical parameters, turbulence, a small amount of air bubbles, vibration, solids content, coating, liquid properties of the test material are not affect the measurement.

        2. Avoid maintenance: due to fork density (concentration) transmitter detection process is completed by the electronic circuit and no moving parts. Therefore, once the installation of commissioning will not need maintenance.

        3. No adjustment: Because the detection of tuning fork limit switch is not affected by electric parameters and the density of measured medium, so no matter what kind of liquid measurement field calibration is not required. 

        4. Using the four wire transmitter integrated structure, no moving parts, simple maintenance.

        5. Continuous online measurement of liquid density and temperature, without interruption of the process can be directly used in the production process control.

        6. Five digit LCD display. Hd backlight,easy to observe data at the scene.

        7.Temperature and density two parameters can be displayed at the same time, for industry standard density conversion.

        8.There are several different kinds of density of the touch liquid material, according to the site to select the material to meet the needs of different.

        9. Excellent overvoltage protection structure, superior temperature stability,high polishing make medium away from fork body.

        10. Fixed sensor fork header design, factory calibration, convenient site configuration.

        11. Easy to install and use,fork body of density meter contact the liquid to display the reading.

        12. Simplified maintenance, no regular cleaning (viscosity of the medium to be cleaned regularly or down time).

        13. Tuning fork type density meter calibration without standard reference source, no laboratory calibration, no process interrupt.

        14. Special Functions of display header : One click to restore function is aim to use easily at the scene. One click adjust medium density function which is convenient for calibrate density value. 

        15. Intrinsically safe type and explosion proof type can be used for dangerous scene.

        五、Technique target

        Measurement range

        0.000 - 3.000 g/cm

        30.000 - 3000 kg/cm3

        (User selection)

        Calibration range

        0.000 - 3.000 g/cm

        30.000 - 3000 kg/cm3

        (According to the user selected)

        Accuracy of measurement

        ±0.002 - 3.000 g/cm3、±0.005 g/cm3

        (The user select the trial precision)

        ±0.002 - 3.000 g/cm3(±0.005 g/cm3)
        Operating temperature range


        Different medium temperature optional, divided into normal temperature, high temperature type

        The maximum working pressure
        207 bar(3000 psi)
        Fluid viscosity range
        0 -20000 cP
        Temperature coefficient
        Pressure influence
        Off The Record
        Built-in temperature sensor
        Liquid materials
        316L、Hastelloy C276、titanium、Four fluorine polyethylene(Teflon)、Zirconia
        The fork body coating
        Power supply
        24VDC, ≥500 mA
        Intelligent signal output
        4 - 20 mA、0 - 100%、HART
        Output accuracy(20℃)
        ±0.1% or 0.05% FS
        Output repetitive
        ±0.05% FS
        Process connection
        Helical、Flange Type、Sanitary type( size can be decreased according to the site or the requirement of user )Figure:WS-1
        Protection grade
        Aluminum alloy polyurethane coating
        Explosion-proof type
        EXd II CT4/5/6

        六、Application fields

        u Sugar manufacturing and wine-making industry:

         Squeeze juice, syrup, grape juice, etc. alcohol GL degree, ethane alcohol interface, etc.

        Dairy industry: 

         Condensed milk, lactose, cheese, dry cheese, lactic acid, etc.

        Architecture, mining: 

        Size mixing, coal (washed coal), potash, brine, phosphate, compound, limestone, copper, etc. 

        Petroleum refining:

         Lubricating oil, aromatic agent, fuel oil, vegetable oil, etc.


        Tomato juice, fruit juice, vegetable oil, starch milk, jam, etc.

        Pulp and paper industry: 

         Black paste, green pulp, pulp washing, evaporator, white pulp, caustic, etc.

        Chemical industry:

               Urea, cleaning agent, polymer, ethylene glycol, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, etc.

        Petrochemical industry:

               Liquefied natural gas, oil and gas washing, kerosene, lubricating oil, oil / water interface, etc.

        Beverage processing:

               Beer, soft drinks, wine, instant coffee, malt, etc.


         Concentrate, fermentation, evaporation, mixing ratio, etc.

        Environmental protection:

               Desulphurization, denitration , etc.

        Tel : +86.756.8630378
        Website : www.ebizchronicle.com
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